michelle b&w

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Michelle Waitere, b.1972 Wellington, New Zealand

Michelle, thirty-one, has only been outside New Zealand's shores once in her life, less than a year ago. She works as a school teacher during the day, as a childminder at night, and spends any free time doing volunteer work, mostly for Maori causes.

steven b&w

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Steven Tegarden-Brandt, b.1967 Beau Bassin, Mauritius

Steven has lived in Mauritius all his life, but is looking forward to moving very soon (location to be announced). Steven is a retired investor whose main current occupation is working up the courage to ask Jessica Clarkson a tricky question. Steven is thirty-six and unmarried with no children and very little baggage.

isaak b&w

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Isaak Rooyen, b.1962 Buffalo City, South Africa

Isaak is forty-one and works as a manager for a major automobile manufacturer. He is the proud father of twin daughters Cate and Leigh, who are eighteen. His semi-professional hobby is online performance art, and that's all we can really say about that.

denedra b&w

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Denedra Gosmao, b.1973 Faro, Portugal

At thirty years old, Denedra is the baby of the group. She is half Canadian and half Portuguese, and is in no way related to Nelly Furtado. These days she hangs her hat in Hamilton, Ontario, where she works as a freelance journalist and animal rights activist.

jessica b&w

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Jessica Clarkson, b.1966 Los Gatos, California, United States

Jessica is a thirty-seven-year-old bookseller currently living in Seattle, Washington. She loves Seattle and has called it home for nearly thirty years. In her free time, Jessica enjoys an active lifestyle, which includes coaching a local softball team.

martin b&w

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Martin Braudigom, b.1962 Leiden, Netherlands

Martin is forty-one, and works as a physics professor at a secondary school. In his spare time he enjoys cycling and cinema, and considers himself politically active. Martin currently lives near Den Haag, and has one dog, two cats, and no significant other (all applications will be considered).